COBA President Benny Boscio alongside Congressman Lee Zeldin and other COBA Members announcing COBA’s endorsement of Zeldin for Governor of New York at a press conference at Rikers Island


Correction Officers, like most New Yorkers, are sick and tired of living in constant fear of being victimized by violent criminals in their communities and in their workplace. We need a Governor who will finally declare war on crime, support the men and women who keep our jails and our streets safe, and invest in our essential, first responders. We need a leader who isn’t afraid to stand up for public safety. We need a leader who will fight to end bail reform, repeal HALT, and give us the tools we need to keep everyone in our jails safe. It’s time to elect a leader who will save our state and save our jails. For all of these reasons, the Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association is proud to endorse Lee Zeldin for Governor!

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