COBA Files Lawsuit Against The City Of New York

By: COBA   


COBA Files Lawsuit Against The City of New York Over the NYC DOC’s Unlawful Order to Speak With the Federal Monitoring Team Without Union Representation


The following statement can be attributed to COBA President Benny Boscio:

“The right to Union representation is fundamental to every COBA member and is well established under New York State law.

The Department of Correction blatantly violated that right with a misleading and intimidating communication that ordered COBA members to subject themselves, without representation, to questioning by the Federal Monitoring team that could lead to discipline.

DOC’s communications – sent via teletype, email and by mail to Correction Officers’ homes- conveniently omitted crucial details about their rights to union representation in an attempt to intimidate Correction Officers into waiving their representation rights.

Today’s lawsuit petitions the court to remedy DOC’s anti-Union animus by declaring that DOC’s communications were an illegal intimidation tactic. We hope this lawsuit will halt DOC’s anti-union communications moving forward.”

Benny Boscio Jr.

COBA President


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