Punitive Segregation


Since taking office, President Benny Boscio and his administration have advocated for safer working conditions for our members, including the reinstatement of Punitive Segregation. Thanks to COBA’s tireless advocacy we were proud to stand with Mayor Eric Adams and Commissioner Louis Molina in their decision to support this crucial tool for maintaining safer jails.

After many meetings and discussions with Mayor Adams and Commissioner Molina, COBA successfully highlighted the importance of Punitive Segregation to the well-being of our Correction Officers and the safety of our jails. And after years of failed leadership and policies under the previous administration, COBA is pleased to see a Mayor and Commissioner willing to listen to and work with COBA and our members.


While getting Punitive Segregation reinstated was an important first step for the Mayor and his Administration in achieving safer jails, rest assured COBA will not stop advocating for better working conditions for our Boldest.